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Full text of "2007 Rhâââ Lovely Festival Compilation"

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Rhaaa Lovely Festival Compilation 

Presented by The Silent Ballet 

This compilation is a listening companion to the 2007 Rhaaa Lovely Festival^ 
a Belgian indie post-rock festival that takes place at Cortil-Wodon, in rural 
Wallonia. In the non-profit spirit of festival, Rhaaa Lovely has teamed up 
with The Silent Ballet to bring this annual compilation to the digital world. 
The 2007 edition is presented as a free internet download, in order to pro- 
vide a flavor of the concert to those attending, as well as those who unable 
to experience the thrilling performance of the fourteen bands on the roster. 

Many thanks go out to the people who made this compilation possible: the 
artists and labels involved. 

-Jordan Volz 
The Silent Ballet ^ 

-The Rhaaa Lovely Festival Staff 
Rhaaa Lovely ^ 

""^ website: 



Track 1. A Whisper in the Noise: Through Wounds We Soon Will 

As the Bluebird Sings, 2006 Transdreamer. 

Track 2. Audrey: Vague 

Visible Forms, 2006 Tender Version Recordings. 


Track 3. Pelican: City of Echoes 

City of Echoes, 2007 HydraHead Industries. 


Track 4. Linge Propre Entre Amis: Captain Fiasco 
Split CD, 2006 Honest House. 

website : www .honesthouse .be/ index. php?f r ank-shinobi 

Track 5. Part Chimp: Hello Bastard 

I Am Come, 2005 Rock Action Records, 

Track 6. Crippled Black Phoenix: Goodnight, Europe 

A Love of Shared Disasters, 2007 Invada Records, 

Track 7. Arnaud Machniak: Mille Voix 

Poing Perdu, 2007 Ici d'ailleurs. 

website : www .icidailleurs. com / artistes / arnaudmichniak. htm 

Track 8. Matt Elliott: Our Weight in Oil 

Failing Songs, 2006 Ici d'ailleurs. 
website : www .thirdeyefoundation . com 


Track 9. Bracken: We Cut the Tapes and Scatter 

Heathens, 2006 Anticon Records, 
website : www . myspace. com / br ackenmusic 

Track 10. K- Branding: Cutting Moment 

Unreleased, 2007. 


Track 11. Milenasong: Always Broken 

Unreleased, 2007. 


Track 12. Rothko: Declaration of Loss (Live) 

Unreleased, 2007. 


Track 13. Yndi Halda: Dash and Blast (First Half Live) 

Unreleased, 2007. 


Track 14. Pentark: Lowering Sky 

Pentark, 2006 Self-Released,